A four year old's raw emotions and Legoland

Our next documented journey took us off to Legoland. It is so much fun capturing all the natural raw expressions kids make! Afer making a pit stop to visit Grandpa, we put on our walking shoes and explored this awesome creative park. My oldest son Kasen has recently fallen in love with all things Legos and of course Ninjago.  Seeing all the lego sculptures was pure magic to his eyes. 
His demeanor tends to be that of a quiet and shy boy. His way to show emotion is usually to take it all in and quietly observe, especially when the experience is new. He was very brave to take on lots of rides. This was our first visit to Legoland and boy o boy were there lots to take in. 

Everett was not left behind of anything of course. His smile and ability to keep up on most rides is amazing. I always say that his laugh should be bottled up, because it truly is the best sound on the planet! 

We added many family memories to our life bank and it was a wonderful experience for all. He was a champ at the driving school and took a spin on the driving course like 5 times! We were glad to break up the park into two days and were able to fit in some pool time and lovely dining at the Sheraton, which by the way has a private entrance leading to the park. Totally worth it! Over all, it was a wonderful weekend full of lots of memories and many opportunities for mama to document life! 

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