Lifestyle Photographer - The Disneyland Magic

Next up on our Southern California adventure was magical Disneyland. I can't tell you or even express how much I love being at Disneyland. When I was a child myself, I only visited once or twice. It was challenging for my mother to take me there but the magic was embedded into my heart and now I feel so lucky to be able to share it with my boys!

Before I continue writing my life out, I want you to why I invest time into sharing. As a Lifestyle photographer in Santa Cruz, I want to be transparent with all my clients about who I am and who they are booking to capture their most treasured memories. I am a mother and a storyteller at heart and my personal photography gives me life all while allowing me to practice my craft. I get to shoot what I want and explore new techniques and tools. I get to be wild and free!

As we packed our bags for the day at the Happiest place on earth, I was worried the boys would be too tired to fully enjoy. At first, it was a bit shaky but we pushed through and tried to not overdo it.  It was all about what Kasen wanted to ride because he is very nervous about most rides. He tried so much to be brave. His sweet little heart pushed his limits as much as he could and I hope we as 'wild parents', didn't push him too much. Oh, my sweet love! Everett on the other hand is such a thrill seeker and loves riding most rides. The challenge for him was the lull and waiting time between rides. He is such a sweet little guy!

Our day was filled with magic and every time I am there, I never want to leave. We are truly lucky to be able to share these experiences with the boys. It has become a trip we take annually now and I am secretly so happy we get to do this. We have become experts at having the most magical time. Friends hit me up and I will share all my secrets!

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