Roadtrip Photography

I am finally getting some time to share the memories we made last month on our family road trip. Time flies when you are having fun... lol! Have I told you guys that my goal this year is to fully document the story of my kids. It dawned on me as I tried to gather images of my son, that last year I have 56,789 images of clients, and only like 5 of my kids.  That made me sad! So this year I shoot and capture their sweet stories daily. I share them with you to let you into who I am as a mama, storyteller, and photographer.

It has brought me great joy to capture our life and document the little moments. I know I say it every day, but when we are old and gray, I will look back at these memories and I hope they make my heart sing once again! For now, I just love reliving and flipping through the magical moments. I am loving documenting and sharing our life one image at a time. Lifestyle photography makes my heart sing and being able to be my kids' photographer is an honor! I am a Lifestyle photographer who documents the real life just the way it unfolds

I share these moments, to give clients a glimpse into who I am. It is only fair that you get to know a small part of me before you choose a photographer to capture the special memories in your life. I take pride in making connections with all my clients who always hold a special place in my heart.
So here we are, our life documented!

Thank you, friends, for stopping by and for flipping through our stories.

AND.... I am super excited to relaunch my new website.
Take a peek at and see all the lovely things taking place!

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Thanks again, friends!

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