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Spouse on Board for Portraits Season? A Gentle Guide To Help Your Other Half Get On Board!

Last week I posted my 'Moms Guide For Prepping The Kiddos For A Photoshoot,' But there is one more family member who sometimes doesn't see eye to eye with your vision! Whether you are gearing up for family portraits with me or with another wonderful photographer, I hope these tips help prep your significant other to have a fun and stress-free time! Maybe you are lucky and have an energetic partner who is equally excited and loves taking pictures. They are probably helping you plan out your wardrobe for the day! But if your better half is anything like mine, they might need a little extra encouragement and guidance in helping them prep for the day! Here are my tips for getting your partner ready and excited for your family session, because my goal is always to have FUN!

Communication is Key:
Make sure you express the importance of capturing your family life in this moment. Say exactly why this is important to you. Let them know the significance for documenting your life prof…

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