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Prep Those Kiddos! A Moms Guide To Preparing Kids for a Photoshoot

As a mom of two boys, running and screaming children does not faze me! I love it! Its the essence in the spirit of childhood and sometimes the moments that capture the most amazing images. But being 'the mom' of the 'wild and spirited kids' during a photo shoot can be CHALLENGING! Trust- I get it! You have crossed all your T's and dotted your i's, picked their clothes, booked the day, dragged your hubs out there. You want the experience to run smoothly and be fun for EVERYONE! Here are a few tips to make the experience a time everyone will remember:

Have everyone fed and bring extra mess free snacks. Happy belly = happy life. So make sure everyone is calm and well fed. Try to feed children as much as possible before they arrive at the photo shoot so they have energy to "perform" for at least 30 minutes. Breaks are always encouraged, but pack things that are easy to open and wont get all over their clean clothes. Plan outfits ahead of time, but make sur…

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