August 30, 2010

Heat be gone.

This heat is getting a bit old. Kinda missing the rain. Why is it always greener on the other side?                    

August 29, 2010

The Honeymoon is over...

Our amazing travels have ended. Thank you to everyone who made this memorable experience possible. Thanks to my hubby who put up with my "high maintenance" during stressful times.  I am proud of us for exploring different cities and maneuvering our way through towns. We are lucky to have each other!

Every minute of our European adventure was indescribable.  I learned a lot about myself; mainly that I don't like sweating and love food! But really- I am grateful and humbled for the experience. I realized how much I love my crazy dog and I am very fortunate to have loved ones in my life.

Now were're back into our routines. School has started.  A new batch of pre-kers have arrived. Copies will be made. Papers must be laminated and new paint will be spilled. It was great to get away, and its great to be home. Our journey now, is to make our new house a peaceful and comfortable space.
Snap!- That means the moving and shuffling of things begins! Can't I just go back to the beaches of Cinquale?

Cinquale: I could totally live here

We saved the best for last. The little city many people call the "Italian Riviera" was the perfect spot for romance, relaxation, and more great grubbing! Beach side town. Blue ocean. Mountain backdrops. Modern bars. Young and relaxed vive. You can't ask for more! Our last night in Italy was deliciously bitter sweet!

The water was warm and refreshing.

There are may cabanas, chairs, and umbrellas you can relax in for a moderate price. We of course opted for some good old sand in your feet lounging. 

you really can't go wrong with any seafood item.

The mountains in the background look so cool from the ocean.

Loving the Caprioska 

Beautiful sunset time.

I want to go back right now. No really- Please I want to be there again!

The Island of Elba and More!

One quick ferry ride into Elba and we were on a beautiful island. The people were sort of quirky and interesting, but nice in their own special way! I guess when you are surrounded by sand, ocean, and wine you don't really need to say anything else.
Many videos were taken on the flip. Honeymoon memories!

On the ferry to Elba

Seafood was delicious! Service not so good in this Italian restaurant with a German menu!

Locals listening to musicians in the piazza

Boat ride around the beaches
Clear blue water!

Leaving the crazy beautiful Island!

Had to see the leaning tower in Pisa.

Yup, it's leaning.

What a wonderful honeymoon!

Vino, Vino e Più Vino!

After sweating in the heat-wave of Florence we headed down the roads of Tuscany and explored it's glorious beauty. Chianti, Montalcino, Pienza, and Siena gave us lots of wine and breathtaking backdrops. I haven't eaten this good in years. The wine is truly amazing. My pallet is forever jaded!  Damn you Italy and your goodness!
We didn't know which way to go.

Eating Gelato in Pienza

Chianti Scenery

Banfi Winery in Montalcino

Bed & Breakfast Hotel in Chianti. Highly recommend it!

View from our room. Amazing!

Walking the streets of Chianti. They take siestas and everything is closed...

Except this awesome wine tasting shop and school! We met Stephano, got spoon fed and became his students!

Chianti poolside!


love it here

Italian Streets

Pienza hotel.

Baccus L'Osteria had the most amazing mascarpone I've ever eaten.

Loving Italian culture and life!

Tuscany is breathtaking. 

Lovely day in paradise.