The Honeymoon is over...

Our amazing travels have ended. Thank you to everyone who made this memorable experience possible. Thanks to my hubby who put up with my "high maintenance" during stressful times.  I am proud of us for exploring different cities and maneuvering our way through towns. We are lucky to have each other!

Every minute of our European adventure was indescribable.  I learned a lot about myself; mainly that I don't like sweating and love food! But really- I am grateful and humbled for the experience. I realized how much I love my crazy dog and I am very fortunate to have loved ones in my life.

Now were're back into our routines. School has started.  A new batch of pre-kers have arrived. Copies will be made. Papers must be laminated and new paint will be spilled. It was great to get away, and its great to be home. Our journey now, is to make our new house a peaceful and comfortable space.
Snap!- That means the moving and shuffling of things begins! Can't I just go back to the beaches of Cinquale?

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