November 14, 2012

Oh lovely Baby-Moon!

Let the good times continue. Hubby and I enjoyed a lovely weekend in the city. A nice little gateway was just what the doctor ordered. Although, these days I don't quite know which doctor to listen to. One doctor says, 20 weeks and another says I am 21. I guess its only a week difference, but what a difference a week makes! Baby boy we had a lovely weekend. Can't wait to have you in our lives and share these special moments with you. -Love, Me (AKA Mom.) Wow, that's weird!

November 9, 2012

Official Announcement

My hubby and I are having a baby! We're having a little monkey baby boy! So needless to say, I've tuned out the rest of the world and tried to settle into our new lives back in Cali. New city, new job, new school, new students, new friends, new belly, new doctors... all of it has been exhausting! It seems like the only thing I've had time to do is worry and stress about having a healthy baby. I am I doing things right? Will I be a good mama? I am scared and worried, yet excited and happy. So today I make an effort and try to let go. I am appreciative for my amazing hubby and his helpful ways.  I am taking a moment to re-live the wonderful days we've shared the past five months. That's right baby boy, you've been cooking for five whole months, and soon you'll be here and nothing else will matter!
Only de-decaf for this baby!

August 7, 2012

All The Pretty Things

The end of summer has crept up and I can't say I am ready to give up my leisurely days. A new city and the big move have distracted me from the realities of life. A new school year with a new school begins tomorrow.  Just breath and keep calm and remember all the pretty things of summer.

July 31, 2012

The Lovely Things

Its been a week since we returned to Cali and I am starting to miss my Austin peeps. I've gotta keep exploring the lovely things around me and get back into the groove of things. This is inevitable considering all the wonderful elements surrounding the sunshine state.
Plus, who needs friends when I have a nifty new apple buddy that keeps me informed and busy all day long! Macbook Pro how I love the :)

July 24, 2012

Home At Last

We made it! Dog and all. We are finally in bug free California. I can't wait to see what is in store for our little Fam!

Till Next Time Austin!

A new chapter of our lives begins. I see Austin in the rear view mirror and I am grateful for the beautiful memories. I am a Cali girl at heart and my home has long called for me. I say goodbye for now Austin, and thank you for the blissful times and life long friendships!

June 4, 2012

California Dreaming

I wished I could spend my summer in a regular temperature climate and soak my feet in the sand!

I guess I'll just stop and smell the roses.

February 22, 2012


Has being really hard on me this year. It's been hard to summon the energy to write or think. Sadness is a painful feeling difficult to overcome. Here is an effort to get back to my normal routines.

January 18, 2012

Necklace Wants!

Iacoli & McAllister Necklace from Sight Unseen

Drawing Room Necklace from Anthropologie

brava bib necklace by Roberta Chiarella 
Autumnal /// bib necklace @ etsy