September 19, 2011

ACL 2011: My Recap

As usual, I am completely exhausted and need some serious detoxing. I ate and danced my heart out! My favorite bands were ones I've already seen, with the exception of Empire of the Sun and Chromeo: Total kick ass dance party! I ran around barefoot and channeled my inner hippie by flailing like a monkey. I am not too sure I can do it again next year. Thank goodness I have a full day of rest to recover. Thank you ACL for bringing out the hipsters, the hippies, the sorority girls, the mothers, the families, the music lovers, and putting us all in the same house to enjoy good music and sweat our hearts out.


September 11, 2011

ACL 2011: The Countdown

In T minus 5 days we will be scrambling through the mobs of people to attend ACL 2011. Yes, it will be a major production! Getting your group to agree on one spot will be like pulling teeth, and the stress of finding a parking spot will make our skin crawl! Many people are opting out of ACL this year because of the massive crowds and the hot weather.  Although I partially agree with them and my agoraphobia will start to kick in mid way through day one, I am pretty sure my feet will give up after this year: I must take advantage of the madness while I can! How many people can say their city offers an amazing event filled with 3 days of food, live music, dancing and celebrations? Here is my list of bands for this year:
Ray LaMontagne
Big Boi
Cold War Kids
Foster The People
Young The Giant
Cut Copy
Fitz and the Tantrums
TV On The Radio
The Walkmen
Airborne Toxic Event
Chiddy Bang
Broken Social Scene
Manu Chao
Empire Of The Sun
Social Distortion
Arcade Fire
Hope to see you out in the blazing sun between the mobs of people!

September 5, 2011

A Cool Day With The Family

The weather was absolutely amazing today! For the first time in 4 months the weather was in the 90's!  We did what all Austinistas do: Hit Town Lake for a 4 mile walk with the pups. People were out enjoying the sun without the fear of melting in the heat. Life is beautiful!
Look, Matt is standing in Austin.
 Scoop the poopie man!
What a Lovely day!

Labor Day Weekend In the ATX

In California you dress in fine clothing and sip champagne for Labor Day Weekend... Well, sort of. Its more like a long weekend of lounging by the beach! But here in Texas we do things differently. We find a river, an inflatable tube, and lounge in the water. Classy you say? HECK ya! Add a cold Lone Star to the mix and you've got yourself a good old Texas hootenanny. 

Happy Holiday! Now don't be caught in your white trousers next weekend!

The fun was interrupted by a large, gigantic and painful bee sting on my leg!

Until next holiday weekend.

Be Inspired!

Its clearly evident: When you have something good, people will follow! I've done just this with A Pair & A Spare. I am hooked and following! Everything she makes is amazingly chic and adorable. She has inspired me to become more thrifty and attempt to make unique garments versus buying one out of a million. How could you not love everything she makes? Peep these styles out and check out her cute skirt made out of a rug!

All images and DIY tips found at a pair & a spare.