March 16, 2011

SXSW Interactive: The Geeks Running the World!

This was my first year attending the Interactive conferences. It's pretty amazing being surrounded by extremely intelligent people who do a s#!t load of stuff! I got to see and shoot Jake Gyllenhaal. (The highlight of my day!)

My interactive shooting days are over and I am off to shoot the music festival. I am exhausted after catching The Sounds at the Pure Volume House last night, but can't stop now. It only gets better and I can't wait to see more great bands. Get out there and enjoy the awesomeness of Austin!

The Foursquare guys are really popular in this crowd
The room was packed to see Denis Crowley
Me playing Rock Band in 3D. Who's really the nerd?

Al Franken in Green Room
People enjoying AOL lounge

Felicia Day is huge with the smarties
The man. The legend. Jake!

Gadget galore!

 CNN took over Max wine bar for the week.
3D viewers at the Tron room

That's a biker wearing a tutu!
ACC packed with people

I love my city!

 SXSW 2011: To be continued.

March 9, 2011

Camera Bag to Suit a Girl's Needs

I've been searching for a cute and stylish camera bag to fit my personality and shooting needs. Vera Lana does a great job at dishing and compiling the best brands out there. The bag I was interested in  (The It Bag) was sold out... Of course it was! So I decided I would try to save a few $$ and make my own.

-The first step was finding a versatile bag I could throw over my shoulder. I randomly found one at St. Bernard Sports for $40. 

-I then headed to my local Hobby Lobby and purchased 2 sheets of padded foam (Found in the sowing/quilts/stuffing area) and some fabric matching the inside lining of my bag.

-I measured the foam to fit the inside of bag and cut 5 sides. I then covered and sowed the foam with fabric... If I had a sowing machine, I would have 1 hour of my life back!

-I found some sticky velcro and stuck all sides to the bag and then used the dividers of old camera bags to compartmentalize... and voila! My new cute bag fits everything I need: Camera body, two lenses, flash, batteries, flash accessories, lip gloss, gum, iphone and more! 
Plus, I saved $100!

March 6, 2011

Trailer Park Eatery

We rounded out a very mellow weekend today with a massage and Sunday dinner with friends. We stopped at the Trailer park eatery and had some tacos from the infamous Torchy's. This is a BYOB spot, so bring your own cooler or make a pit stop at the market across the street. The deep fried chocolate chip cookies sounded amazing today, don't they? They were more like luke warm balls of fried cookie dough than cookies. Still tasty though. A day filled with Austin relaxation and goodness.

March 3, 2011


I can't even pretend to know all that's going on during SXSW, but my friends have sent me several links to RSVP for different events. Most of the time I don't even know what I am signing up for, but I've learned its better to be prepared rather than standing outside hoping to get in! I was forwarding links to different friends and then decided to just put them all together here. These don't even cover a millimeter of surface on the events taking place but here my pathetic attempt to help. My husband at Live Happily Evern Matt knows even more and I think he should be doing this instead!

The sounds are playing here Tuesday night:
The Fader Party. Last year this was packed but super fun:

If you didn't get enough all week, here's a party for Sunday: 

Feel free to add your event to this short list!

March 2, 2011

Bikram 60 Day Challeng Completed!

That's right Biznitch! I completed 60 days in a row. No breaks. I am extremely proud and proves I can do anything I put my mind to.  If I can do it, anyone can bare the 60 day pain and affection of a heated studio. I love my practice now more than ever. I recommend trying it to anyone who has been on the fence. I have a new found love for the yogagroove community and I feel like I am part of something new. I am addicted to it now and don't see myself quiting anytime soon. For now, I'll take a few days off and celebrate with a massage and a French 76!

Cheers and Namaste!

SXSW 2011- The South by Southwest Anxiety Begins

SXSW mania fever begins in T minus 9 days, but people have been preparing for this massive event since April of 2010. South by Southwest is THE biggest interactive/film/music festival to take place in Austin. Locals prepare for this event weeks in advance, and everyone else travels from all over the world to be here. I am I exaggerating? No, not really.  This will be my third year attending SXSX, and each year I've witnessed more and more people flood the streets. One thing to never let you down each year, is the indescribable amount of exhaustion/drunken debauchery that takes over your entire body. With the streets infected by people and energy, its hard not to get in the spirit and celebrate. Everywhere you turn there is a party, band, showcase, film screening, conference, meeting, camera staring at you. Get ready, plan ahead, and make sure to sleep the music buzz away.  It's one of my favorite weeks in this town and I am super excited for the chaos.

This year will be much different for me since I'll be out on assignment photographing the scenes.  I don't expect anything less from this year and I've already started to plot my routes, parking, outfits, shoes, camera gear, and accessories. I am lucky my husband takes care of RSVPs, yet slightly sad I won't get to enjoy the parties this year. (RSVPs are one of the key elements to getting into the free parties.) I'll be riding solo most of the time exploring new corners and events I haven't seen before. I hope I survive. If I don't, at least I'll have thousands of photos to prove I was there!

Now, please excuse me while I take this moment to relive SXSW 2009 and 2010:

2010 SXSW at La Zona Rosa

The Fader Fort was our most visited spot in 2010

Random bar on 6th st. listening to great dj's

 Great day and free booze at Fader Fort.

2009 was more "adventurous" AKA: roaming the streets aimlessly

 We managed to get into a showcase and stay all day!

 In 2009 we saw our favorite band Bedouin Soundclash