Camera Bag to Suit a Girl's Needs

I've been searching for a cute and stylish camera bag to fit my personality and shooting needs. Vera Lana does a great job at dishing and compiling the best brands out there. The bag I was interested in  (The It Bag) was sold out... Of course it was! So I decided I would try to save a few $$ and make my own.

-The first step was finding a versatile bag I could throw over my shoulder. I randomly found one at St. Bernard Sports for $40. 

-I then headed to my local Hobby Lobby and purchased 2 sheets of padded foam (Found in the sowing/quilts/stuffing area) and some fabric matching the inside lining of my bag.

-I measured the foam to fit the inside of bag and cut 5 sides. I then covered and sowed the foam with fabric... If I had a sowing machine, I would have 1 hour of my life back!

-I found some sticky velcro and stuck all sides to the bag and then used the dividers of old camera bags to compartmentalize... and voila! My new cute bag fits everything I need: Camera body, two lenses, flash, batteries, flash accessories, lip gloss, gum, iphone and more! 
Plus, I saved $100!

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