SXSW Interactive: The Geeks Running the World!

This was my first year attending the Interactive conferences. It's pretty amazing being surrounded by extremely intelligent people who do a s#!t load of stuff! I got to see and shoot Jake Gyllenhaal. (The highlight of my day!)

My interactive shooting days are over and I am off to shoot the music festival. I am exhausted after catching The Sounds at the Pure Volume House last night, but can't stop now. It only gets better and I can't wait to see more great bands. Get out there and enjoy the awesomeness of Austin!

The Foursquare guys are really popular in this crowd
The room was packed to see Denis Crowley
Me playing Rock Band in 3D. Who's really the nerd?

Al Franken in Green Room
People enjoying AOL lounge

Felicia Day is huge with the smarties
The man. The legend. Jake!

Gadget galore!

 CNN took over Max wine bar for the week.
3D viewers at the Tron room

That's a biker wearing a tutu!
ACC packed with people

I love my city!

 SXSW 2011: To be continued.

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