May 31, 2011


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Summer Preparations

Why does my husband seem to think a kiddy pool in my backyard is a bad idea?
If you asked me shopnastygal has got the right idea! Thanks Rebecca for reminding me of this awesome shopping site. Good thing I have all summer to shop... and find the perfect child's size pool. 

Editorial Browsing

There is something about these images that makes me want to say uh, ah na na, na na na.
Duh, It is the Beautiful editorial work found at fashiongonerogue!
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May 30, 2011

Just Because

This made me smile. I found it at mackin ink, but she found it here. Two days until till summer break. Cheers!

May 22, 2011

A Look At My Wedding Day

Yes, I am reliving the day I wore a Carolina Herrera, drank a lot of tequila, said I do, and danced the night away! I am proud of the hard work everyone put into a beautiful evening. Oh the memories! Thank goodness for pictures capturing a moment in time and these moments were captured by schusterphoto
I couldn't get enough of my bouquet, especially since I made it, along with all the other flower arrangements! I think I've found my second calling! 

Happy One Year Anniversary!

10 years ago, I met my handsome guy while slanging steaks at Outback! Today we celebrate our first year of marriage. It was destiny to be in each others lives and it was our destiny to join forces and make a humble happy family. This weekend was full of bliss as we celebrated and watched our wedding video, enjoyed a sunny hot day at Red's Porch, and ate delicious sushi at Uchi. We are grateful for the people who helped us celebrate our wedding night and fortunate to have love and support surrounding us everyday. We drank champagne and took a trip down memory lane as we reminisced through special videos Matt created. Our gift to each other was love, but my dear husband put together some special pictures for me to enjoy. My gift to him has yet to arrive, but I spent nearly a week editing and putting together our official wedding book.  Paper is the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary, so naturally a wedding photo book is on its way to our house. I ordered it from pinholepress and I can't wait to see it in live. I am a very lucky girl and so happy to be in a loving relationship!
We ended the weekend with the in laws and enjoyed more delicious food at Sagos. Definitely recommend the cucumber martini there! I love you husband and family, I can't wait to celebrate many more years together!

Cheers and lets eat some cake.

May 7, 2011

Weekend Bliss: Getting My Feet Wet

Just because I want my feet to be in cold water! Makes no sense at all...

May 5, 2011

Texas Beach Cleanup Day

On the beautiful day of April 30th, a young man turned 30. To celebrate my husband's birthday, we woke-up bright and early, (hungover and exhausted) to join some friendly volunteers and represent the Texas Surfrider Foundation for a Texas Beach cleanup. All the carelessness and wasteful manners of our human nature were laying on the sand, waiting to be picked up. We gathered rare/disgusting objects and quickly, this festive day turned into an angry and depressing venting session.  I cursed the negligence of our earth and the people who are slowly dumping and deteriorating it. After scouring through miles of beach that we hardly put a dent on, I was exhausted and finally gave up. Two very long hours later (of heavy wind and foul smelling waste) our good dead was done, and it wasn't even noon! I am glad we did something good and grateful I was exposed to reality.

It's good to be back in Austin now. I am even more conscious of the unnecessary materials we could part away from. Less is more to reduce our carbon footprint. Please: Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

Amongst other goods, the birthday boy managed to find a birthday balloon!

All photography by me. Please be kind and do not use without permission.

Port Aransas Weekend

Our weekend trip has come and gone. I am missing island time where everything is casual and the lack of urgency is encouraged. You get there when you get there and you'll probably arrive barefoot and without a shirt! I hope Matt was able to celebrate his golden birthday with a bang! We explored the gulf coast, drank tequila, rolled in the sand, swam in the ocean, got attacked by sea fleas, drove on the beach, and managed to get sand all over the Xterra all in 3 days. Now I am counting down the days till Summer Vaca: 19 days to go yippee!

As usual, all photography by yours truly. Although, I don't expect anyone to be reading my blog, if you are, and use my work for your personal use, please be respectful and credit where its due. Karma is a B!