Texas Beach Cleanup Day

On the beautiful day of April 30th, a young man turned 30. To celebrate my husband's birthday, we woke-up bright and early, (hungover and exhausted) to join some friendly volunteers and represent the Texas Surfrider Foundation for a Texas Beach cleanup. All the carelessness and wasteful manners of our human nature were laying on the sand, waiting to be picked up. We gathered rare/disgusting objects and quickly, this festive day turned into an angry and depressing venting session.  I cursed the negligence of our earth and the people who are slowly dumping and deteriorating it. After scouring through miles of beach that we hardly put a dent on, I was exhausted and finally gave up. Two very long hours later (of heavy wind and foul smelling waste) our good dead was done, and it wasn't even noon! I am glad we did something good and grateful I was exposed to reality.

It's good to be back in Austin now. I am even more conscious of the unnecessary materials we could part away from. Less is more to reduce our carbon footprint. Please: Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

Amongst other goods, the birthday boy managed to find a birthday balloon!

All photography by me. Please be kind and do not use without permission.

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