February 23, 2013

The Gear

After spending numerous hours doing research on baby gear, here is a list of items I have yet to fully use, but temporarily fallen in love with! Stay tuned for updates on whether these products ACTUALLY work for our family!
Originally I wanted the Oeuf crib, but found a similar (budget friendly) style at target. The verdict is still out on the durability of this crib, but I sure love how cute it looks! 
I like how compact and easy to maneuver this stroller is. Baby Kuhn is lucky to have loving grandparents! 

I am a fan of yellow, but still don't know how easy it will be to get in an out of the car... or if the baby will puke all over the lovely color! 

This product I have used. Absolutely love this butter. It smells good, moisturizes for hours and makes my belly smooth, but most importantly it is all organic. "What goes on goes in." It can be found at any Wholefoods market.

It was moderately easy to assemble (minus my toddler-like tantrums when the parts did not fit) plus, the color is very neutral. We'll see if baby loves it!

Look at me! I've become such an "expert" on products I haven't even used yet! I am excited to give them a test run and see if all my efforts paid off. 

Nursery Inspiration

I can't believe this is my life now! All I think about day and night is decorating a nursery and making the perfect little space for my little baby. S#i& is getting real around here! It's almost time! We are having a baby... we will be responsible for someones life. My, my how the times have changed! 
(I wished my mother was able to share these days with me.)
Daily I log onto pinterest and get new ideas on how to decorate our temporary nursery. I must admit, it is kinda fun! I dream of the possibilities, but must stay on budget. After all, we are also responsible for a mortgage payment to a house we are not living in. Oh the joys of our lives!

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February 21, 2013

Nursery Prep

Although our current living situation is not panning out the way we intended it to, I am doing my best to stay positive and focus on my new baby. Although we own a home in Santa Cruz, we will not live in it and baby will not take his first steps there. We moved into a two bedroom apartment and I am trying to let go of the negative and focus on the nursery. At least now we have the space to welcome our baby. Although this will not be the permanent nursery for baby Kuhn, it is what we have now and I am lucky to be healthy and surrounded by love. Baby we love you and can't wait to meet you!

Baby Kuhn Shower

Last weekend my Mother-in-law, along with one of my great friends (AKA, my boo) threw the most amazing baby shower. They really went the extra mile to make it a special day! Hubby and I, along with our closest friends and family celebrated a new life to come. Dear baby, you are coming into a world filled with love! We can't wait to meet you :)