Official Announcement

My hubby and I are having a baby! We're having a little monkey baby boy! So needless to say, I've tuned out the rest of the world and tried to settle into our new lives back in Cali. New city, new job, new school, new students, new friends, new belly, new doctors... all of it has been exhausting! It seems like the only thing I've had time to do is worry and stress about having a healthy baby. I am I doing things right? Will I be a good mama? I am scared and worried, yet excited and happy. So today I make an effort and try to let go. I am appreciative for my amazing hubby and his helpful ways.  I am taking a moment to re-live the wonderful days we've shared the past five months. That's right baby boy, you've been cooking for five whole months, and soon you'll be here and nothing else will matter!
Only de-decaf for this baby!

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