February 27, 2011

Weekend Bliss

I can't believe its Sunday night already and I'll have to show is an empty beer bottle, an aching back, and these lousy photos... Well, I suppose it was a great weekend after all! I was, however hoping to finish the infamous Bikram challenge this weekend by doing doubles. Instead, I decided to sleep in and explore my city. Oh well, no regrets there. 3 more days to go and then a grandiose massage!

The bliss of the weekend was touring 2nd street and finding great little stylish boutiques. We also did our 2nd annual Fundraiser Bowl-A-Thon at Rogers Ranch in Lockhart. Lovely times. Now off to finish watching James Franco and the Academy Awards.

February 23, 2011

Hump Day Photo: A girls' review of Shiner 102

This past weekend we sampled beers. This was one of the few that went down my gullet. What did it taste like? Well- a non expert/girlish review is: oaky with a dark and nutty after taste. Reminded me of a fall thanksgiving moment.

Good thing its Wednesday. This is making me want more cold beer... Cheers!

February 22, 2011

Talking Heads Tribute Night at Momo's

Last friday we started the weekend with a live downtown show on w. 6th. Our first time at Momo's was a pleasant surprise. It has a huge patio deck which opens up to the bar and stage. You can hear the band from outside while enjoying Austin's skyline. Our friends from Moving Matter and Jabarvy played a tribute to the Talking Heads. It was a night of many firsts for me: First time using my new Tokina 11-16mm in low light and a first time shooting a live show. Good times Rock and Roll!

February 20, 2011

Encaustic Art Class

Lucky to have a mother in law who is a fabulous artist and generous with her materials. She holds encaustic art classes at bay6 studios where you learn about the medium, process, and get to make your own art! What is encaustics? It is made with beeswax, resin, pigment and heat. The beeswax and resin are melted together using some type of pigment or color. You heat the wax and pigment then incorporate gathered and found objects. You can learn more about classes at sharonkylekuhn.com.
Art is cool!

 This one my hubby did. He used his childhood collection of music, baseball and wrestling cards.

Side note: Today was my 50th day in a row of my Bikram challenge. 10 more days and I can take a break!

February 16, 2011

Hump Day Photos

 Mmm! I am want to eat some lemon tarts and Gelato stat!

Bikram Challenge: Day 31-45

Yes. It's still going. I have not missed a day and I am very proud, but super ready for a freaking break! I've had the worst aching spot in my back for the past two weeks and it just wont go away! I can't wait till March 2nd when I am all done and can take a break! I am pretty hooked now and there's no way I'll stop practicing, but I need just one day to lay on my couch!

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011- The Polka Dots

Who doesn't love polka dots! I sure do. People are saying this collection is very LV inspired as it is "refined" and I sort of agree. But I could definitely see Marc's quirky and elegant side in these looks. So pretty and sophisticated.
images courtesy of the The Sartorialist and NYmag