April 25, 2011

Celebration Texas Gulf Style: A Port Aransas Weekend!

We are celebrating a fabulous birthday this weekend. 30 years on the 30th of April. My Hubby is an old, kind, and warm hearted soul and his age is finally catching up to the true gentleman and scholar he really is!
We've come a long way since our college days. It feels like just yesterday we were parading around the Isla Vista streets in Santa Barbara.  We were just little ducklings parting the nest when we found each other in a drunken flurried state. I think it was 2001 when we met? Those yesteryears are a bit of a cloudy haze! Look at us now babe, all grown up and everything!

Since Matt has devoted some time to his Surfing in Texas site, we are exploring the Texas Gulf coast. These Cali peeps are sailing away to Port Aransas for the weekend. It's no Rincon or Tourmaline beach, but it is the closest we've got and were damn sure gonna celebrate to the fullest!

We will be staying on Mustang Beach and I am now inspired by these images courtesy of Gordon Wolford. I can't wait for my toes to hit the sand and for some well deserved R&R! Happy Birthday Matt. Here's to the next 30 years together!
We'll be lounging beachside at the Cinnamon Shore on Mustang Island
Don't these chairs make you want to sport the vintage swimsuit, red Lolita sunglasses, and big droopy straw hat?!

April 24, 2011

Another Night at Lustre Pearl

It's my favorite place to be. Celebrating life with friends and a camera.

Love, good friends and family!
all photography by me

April 10, 2011

Stand Up Paddle Austin

The weather was perfect for a day in the lake, so we ventured to our first stand up paddle session. Since we dearly miss the ocean, we are trying to compensate for lost beach time by surfing the lake. Stand up paddle is more my speed (meaning, I don't get trampled over wave after wave.) My arms were tired by the end of the ride, but I hope we do this again sooner than later. Now if only my dog Sadie would entertain the idea of riding on the board!

pictures by my hubby

April 2, 2011

SXSW Music 2011: No More Lines

What an exhausting week it was. My ears are still ringing. Every street was infested with people. You Blinked and there was a ginormous line. Our local bars did not exist. Everyone got the memo about RSVPing to the free parties. WTF?! It was fun, but I am glad SX is over. I love the culture, but it was overrated this year. Next year I vote for smaller intimate parties with no lines! Is that too much to ask for?

The highlights of this year for me were: Finding the small Sessions party. The Naked and Famous playing for 75 people. Stumbling upon Mister Heavenly and Michael Cera... and of course jamming to the Swedish music of The Sounds.

The exhaustion did not fail. I don't want to see another line for awhile! I am happy I survived and was able to experience the life of a photographer. I know my husband hated me this past month for stressing out so much. I apologize for my neurosis. It was all worth it and I know something has gotta give from all this work... Rock on Party People!

Agent Ribbons, Local Austin Band
     Estados Alterados                                            Unknown Band Rocking the Streets
Sugar & Gold                                  The Sounds

Streets Packed with Musicians

Michael Cera and his Band Mister Heavenly