October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Except for the lips, make up lasted all night. I used theatrical water based make up which felt natural on the face.

October 23, 2011


So, when I am not making things for my students, I am now researching new educational things to make via pinterest.com.  I seriously spend way too much time online dreaming over things I could make or buy for my house/closet/classroom/camera. My creative juices have not been flowing lately to blog about my own personal boringness, so it has become a lot easier to just see what others are doing. I simply pin it on my board. It is my virtual vision board and I want to eat/make/take/do everything I see.
If you have not joined this site, please do and good luck seeing your family!
Words can't describe what you'll find. Just click and enjoy! pinterest.com

October 9, 2011

Fashion Dozing It Up

It has been uber hard for me to get with the blogging cycle! But when I do,  I tend to follow the usual blogs. Today I perused missmoss and came across this cool collage she created:

Love the color in Carven Spring 2012 collection. Fall hasn't even hit Austin yet and here comes Spring, but those outfits paired with some tights and booties could be so, fall! And the print shoes with bells on, can you say my name?

October 2, 2011

Surfrider: One Foot At A Time

Surfrider & Cliff Bar created the event One Foot At A Time to celebrate Raptoberfest. We strolled our neighborhood streets and gathered trash to make art! Here's what we came up with. How have you reduced your carbon footprint lately?

October 1, 2011

Yet Another Beach Cleanup in Port A

My husband, the Surfrider advocate, dragged me along to another weekend in the windy Island of Port A. To get grounded with our nature roots, we camped yet again! It's not that I hate nature or camping, I just love a bed and the protection of walls. Our second night at camp we were lucky to experience 40 mph winds. Our tent flapped and shaked like Christina Aguilera in her prime years! To top it off, the flapping sound of plastic gave Sadie extreme anxiety. She stood on all fours the entire night!

I did however, survive and I still love the beach. Minus the night spent in a vietnam wind zone, I had a lovely time watching the sunrise and exfoliating my skin on the sandy beach! Next time I demand a real bed and bathroom!