Christmas is here and gone...

I am taking this time to thank the people I love: the family, for the unconditional love and support. This is the third year we had the pajama tradition: two lovely days of relaxation, playing games, and eating way too much food! I am lucky to have these memories. Cheers and love. Tomorrow Yoga!

My best photographing subject...

Sharon snapping away

My turn to snap away. Sharon enjoying the day.

Its not Christmas without booze!

Walt with his handmade instrument. (The bottom part is a home depot bucket.)

Singing in the Rain!

The christmas tree this year was miniature with an enormous sound. It played Jingle bells over, and over, and over...

Its like Christmas morning! Wait, it is Christmas morning. The child within is released in all of us.

Walts gifts were a great hit.

Stocking stuffer: Parachute army men.

She is so not happy 
Ho Ho Ho!


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  2. Hi there! We’d love to share your orange bucket image (of Walt) in an upcoming social media project for The Home Depot. If you grant us permission please email us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


  3. The pictures you have shared are really awesome. I liked all of them. You have made really good vintage vases for your wedding. These days market is flooded with various craft software that helps in setting the labels and pricing for various hand made products. You must take an idea from this software. It will definitely make your work easy. Good job!!


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