Wedding- What?

So, the most exciting thing that happened this year was my wedding. Yea for weddings!

This is actually a new changed attitude towards weddings. I used to be a wedding hater and loathed  couples who were “married” and only did “married” things- such as: spending Saturday mornings at the Home-Depot and Williams-Sonoma coordinating their new bathroom colors.  However- as a recent newlywed, I salute those in love and willing to make a commitment to their lobsters!

But can we talk about why nobody mentions the extreme nerves and temporary insanity that takes over your body 10 minutes before going down the isle? It wasn’t nerves because I was committing myself to one man for the rest of my life… It was the thought of falling on my face in 6’ heels in front of my closest friends and family! Needless to say, I had some liquid courage, that didn’t necessarily take away the nerves-but added loads of tears!

cred. schusterphoto

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