Barcelona: I think I love it here

Paris-gorgeous. Sweden-breathtaking. Denmark-adventurous. The people were genuine in all places. But after spending two weeks lost in translation it was refreshing being able to understand the local language and speech. We arrived in Barcelona and immediately the uneasiness of being in a foreign country ceased. We got in a cab and with my renewed confidence I took charge of the situation. We made friends with our cabbie and I gave him the wrong address to our destination. My courage was shot down 2%, but we picked our suitcases up and finally arrived at the Zenit Borell: An air-conditioned 4 star hotel. A much needed luxury after our lovely, and hot, Paris "boutique" hotel. I ate Paella nearly everyday. Drank as many sangrias as possible and cooled off in the Mediterranean Sea. We walked at least 8 miles a day and found the metro to be an amazing form of transportation. Matt and I realized we don't look like young bucks anymore as the club promoters who walked the beaches selling their nightlife club tickets always managed to skip us. We fooled them when we stayed up nearly past 2 am at the W hotel lounge bar! Oh Barcelona- I think I love you. Your gorgeous ocean. Spunky locals. Delicious cuisine. Cooling fedoras. Yummy tapas. We'll even miss the people hackling to sell their goods on the beach "cerveza, agua, cola, beer" & the popular "maasssaaage." Thank you for a lovely time.
Passeig De Gracia

One of the many Gaudi builduings.

La Sagrada Familia

Metros are fun

This great band was rocking out at the top of Park Guell. It was 106 degrees out!

The food in Barcelona is amazing; However, the closer you get to the beach, the more $$ you'll pay. Make sure your squids are cruchy!

More musicians at Park Guell

Drinks at a Plaza.

Sangria and Beer are staples in Barcelona.

Trying to finish my book.

It was pretty amazing being in Europe as Spain won the World Cup.

These Fedoras are everywhere!

The W hotel is the hot spot of Barcelona. Go there immediately.

During tourist season the beaches are flooded with people selling you massages, drinks, dresses, and club tickets. Its great for one day but if you want to relax, find a far away beach.

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