Rainy Street

The biggest deal these days is to open a bar on Rainy Street. For the rest of us- were left to pick our poison & enjoy the close proximity of these bars.  The trend began with Luster Pearl and owner Bridget Dunlap has created her own little empire on this street.  Clive Bar and recently Bar 96 were added to her repertoire. Luster Pearl is my the favorite of the trio. I hate to toot Bridget's horn- but she rocks; When I grow up I want to be like her! Jessica Alba was spotted here last night. She was low key and in true Austinist form, no one bothered her (except me of course, who managed to make a stupid comment in the bathroom). Austin is so "cool" all celebs are treated like regular folk. 

The new raving bar on Rainy street is icenhauer's. This place is the sh*#!  You can't go wrong with modern architecture, great beers on tap, retro 60's furniture, and board games! Yes- they have Sorry, Scrabble, Connect Four, Jenga, and the ultimate favorite: Hungry Hungry Hippos! Finding these games was more exciting than peeing in the stall next to Jessica Alba!  

Keep Austin Weird...

Didn't bring my camera in. Low resolution iphone images will have to do

Band The Relatives jamming at Luster Pearl

There she is! Who's the nerd? Me :)

Chandelier made out of Wine glasses. 

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