The Waiting Game

So here we are, 40 weeks plus 3 days and baby still inside. I can't explain how anxious we all are. My husband keeps saying, "is this it" to make light of the event and keep my spirits up. Family and friends keep checking in, asking when he'll be here and how I am feeling. The answer is, I feel fine. I am anxious but I wished the pressure of his due date would stop. Baby will get here when he gets here. When HE is ready! I am enjoying the rest and my last few weeks/ days of sleep. All the predictions everyone makes about his due date, only make me feel like I am disappointing everyone. As much as I can't wait to meet my baby, I have to take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet times. Next baby I am not stating a specific date and keeping the anxiety under wraps!

In the meantime I am dreaming about this cute little lamp baby K will soon enjoy!
get it at J Schatz

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