In Lieu of A Card... Happy 5 Years of Marriage.

Happy Fifth Wedding Day Anniversary my love!
Happy 14 years of being in each other’s life. We’ve shared some amazing years!
It truly is an amazing life we have together.
Although our days sometimes blend together and the routines of everyday life seem to bog us down, if I stop and think of all the joys and memories we’ve shared- I know I am the luckiest girl alive.
I know you hate cards, so I share this with you today in lieu, to express how much I love and respect you. You are an incredible partner and friend. You lift me when I am down and try to shed light into my dark days. Since the day we met, my life completely changed and I found meaning. Faced with an unlucky childhood, the universe put you in my life to steer and guide my way. I am glad we had a sticker fight the first night we met. I am lucky to have found my lobster and partner. You are a remarkable father, and our boys are fortunate to have you.
We may want and aspire  manymore fortunes, and when we reach them I am happy we will enjoy them together. My heart is complete knowing I will stand by your side till the end of my days.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for your unconditional love.
Thank you for being you,
And thank you for sharing this life with me!
I love you.

Happy Anniversary!

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