Our Life. Our Story Displayed.

I am really excited to be able to share some beautiful, unconventional ways to display your portraits. I
have invested countless hours and tested many products to gather the most unique and beautiful products that will bring your story and portraits to life. I am becoming a big advocate for removing our life from a USB drive and computer storage. I am guilty, and have shed many tears at the loss of my family photographs and valuable memories all because my computer and hard-drive crashed! I am responsible for thousands of memories and photographs, and I have made it my business motto to find unique and satisfying ways to display all the lovely memories we create. This post has two of my favorite unconventional ways to display and honor our life stories. I call these gorgeous boxes "the modern albums." They are the perfect coffee table addition and centerpiece to display your artwork and life memories. They are sure to intrigue and make all your guests gaw over your portraits and make the most impressive holiday gifts. As always friends, thanks for stopping by! 

Contact Leyla to find out more details on how to bring your memories to life!

1. This GORGEOUS 11x14 box can hold 10-20 of your favorite 7x10 mounted pieces of art. The box can hold a beautiful USB drive, but I am advocating for print tangible goodies that create emotion and feeling! 

2. This unique natural 5x7 box holds 10-20 mounted prints that can be displayed at home, mantel, office or coffee table. 

Contact Leyla to find out more details on how to bring your memories to life!

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