Easy, Breezy Lifestyle in Carmel

So I took a night away from the kiddos and enjoyed an easy day of relaxation to slow down my Mama-brain. It was fabulous to only worry about feeding myself and being able to use two hands while enjoying a meal. Ha, imagine me using both my hands without having to tend to another human. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies, but everyone deserves a little break.  So a girlfriend and I, who I haven't seen in a few years headed to Carmel. It is amazing how some friendships, just pick up right where you left off... with a few more wrinkles and a few distorted body parts! Ha TMI...

Carmel treated us very well as we enjoyed a beautiful stay at Playa De Carmel, in Carmel by the sea. We also got to venture out to some wineries in the Carmel Valley. You know this girl loves her wine so it was the perfect place to taste and surround myself with grown-ups! To name a few places, we ventured into Georis, Cowgirl Winery, Talbott, and Boekenoogen. I loved the delicious and refined taste of Talbott's selection of wines and I am now kicking myself for not becoming a member!
I am now counting down the days till my next adventure. I hope you can just feel the level of ease we shared on this trip.

Cheers friends and thanks for stopping by!

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Cheers Friends

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