2012 Relived

2012 can only be described as a true roller coaster ride as I experienced my share of ups and downs. I learned how quickly life can change and be taken away. I came to appreciate the friends and family in my life and to be grateful for each breath we take. I learned not to dwell on petty things and to let go of what you can't control. In the end, everything happens for a reason. Just as quickly as life is taken away, a new life can be created. 2013 will be the year our baby boy is born and new joys take over our lives. I am taking this time to relive these moments, to let go of the hard times and embrace the beauty in life. I am grateful and thankful for this life I have.


Said hello to my 30's

and kissed my mother goodbye.

I decided to invest in a tattoo,

 said goodbye to my mother,

and drank some sorrows away.

I rekindled family relationships,

enjoyed the company of my husband,

thought about moving back to Cali,

and enjoyed my last SXSW as a local.

I discovered New places in Austin,

enjoyed the wonders of juicing,

and celebrated the love of my life!

Celebrated two lives join in marriage

expanded my love for yoga,

and celebrated two years of marriage!

Sweated my ass off in Austin's heat,

Overplayed the sounds of "Call me Maybe,"

 and enjoyed the company of friends.

I enjoyed my last summer nights in Austin,

said goodbye to the live music capital,

drove back to Cali,

and found out were having a baby!

Rekindled my love with the beach,

redecorated a brand new classroom,

 and enjoyed the simple pleasures in life.

Tried to nurture a new life created

and had withdrawals from the booze! ;)

Found out there's a little boy in our sight!

Prepared to breed a little surfer

enjoyed  a special babymoon,

and developed an amazing appetite and craving for sweets.

Realized I Instagramed the S#!& out of my life!

and dreamed about the days I wore Louboutin's around town!

Goodbye 2012

and thank you for the amazing people in my life!

On to the next one!

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