Feeling Human Again!

Six weeks have passed since my little sunshine was born. I can now officially enjoy my baby's sweet little eyes- almost as if I never went through a dreadful 28 hour labor and 3 week depression time... Buahaha! Really, it was the toughest and most exhausting event I have ever experienced in my entire life. It has taken me this long to recover and feel human again. But I am finally here and loving my little sunshine!
Although the activities and emotions in my daily routine have changed, I am still the same person inside. I can no longer run to the store without schlepping baby gear, but I still blast the music loud in my car- but only when I get a chance to drive alone. I have adjusted to my broken-up sleeping schedule and finally summoned the energy to cook a real meal!

Now that I have experienced life with a newborn, I wish to share with all my soon to be Mamas the things that helped us survive the first month!

You can also see different lists and follow real words of wisdom from these ladies:

1. Velcro SwaddleMe: Although we practiced how to swaddle in the hospital, when the baby was screaming in the middle of the night he kicked his way out of every swaddle. The Velcro is the only thing that resisted his kicks.
2. Rock & Play Sleeper: Baby does not like sleeping on flat surfaces yet, so this sleeper makes him feel like he is the womb.
 3. Pearl Breast Therapy: Frozen, these help to soothe the pain. Warm, they help with milk flow when baby wants to feed every 30 minutes!
4. Nipple Butter: I tried the Lansinoh butter, but this one is was my fave and natural!
5. Reusable Cloth Diapers: We use these during diaper changes to prevent waterfall pee accidents. Also as burp cloths or any type of wipe.
  6. PujTub: It was very easy to give baby a bath with this tub. But it only works if your sink is small.
7. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: These are super soft and great to throw in diaper bag or to use anytime.
8. Nipple Shield: Warning!! TMI, but I was very sore and I wanted to give up on breast feeding day 3, so I used these to heal cracked nipples- and still use them. I bought 3 so I don't have to keep washing the same one.
9. Cloud B Sleep Sheep: Soothing sounds help baby get back to sleep-mode in the middle of the night. I now don't really like this guy because it has a self timer for only 45 minutes and I like the sounds to play all night. So the WhiteNoise app on my iphone works great! 
10. Mamaroo: At first baby did not like it, but now it allows us to have some hands-free time to get things done around the house or eat dinner!
11. Snugabunny Bouncer: The first 2 weeks, Mamaroo did not work but this bouncer helped to immediately stop his crying. We have to manually bounce it in addition to the vibrations, so its not hands free.
 12. iBaby Log App: Helps me pretend like we have some kind of schedule and helps to keep track of feedings and sleeping times.
13. Solly Baby Wrap: I love the fabric and baby feels secure like in the womb.
14. Lavanila Baby: Organic skin care that does not contain toxic chemicals. Baby Bottom and Baby Wash work great. 
15. BellyBandit: Helps with shrinking midline and with pain abdominal pain during first weeks while nursing.
16. J Schatz Egg Night Lamp: It makes late night feedings more pleasant and soothing for me!

17. Reusable baby wipes, because regular wipes contain toxic chemicals I don't want baby exposed to. Plus, regular wipes cause diaper rash within minutes of using! 
18. Boppy Pillow and cute Boppy covers found on Etsy.

Just so we are clear, I do not claim to be an expert on babies! I am simply reporting on my personal experience with the products that helped me and my sweet sunshine survive. 

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