Our Little Family!

Four weeks into being a family with a baby boy and ... I am exhausted! 
The saying "having a baby changes your life" is startlingly true as leaky boobs now wake me up every three hours! I never understood "this change" until I kissed my baby for the first time. I knew my life would be different, but I didn't acknowledge the severity of that statement. Life now revolves around pooping, nipple pain and spit-up! They also say motherhood is "amazingly rewarding." That blissful reward is taking a bit longer to kick in, here at the home front. I am still trying to formulate new creative ways to make time for baby, dog, husband and myself. I know this will soon get easier and the dark circles will all be worth it. I must find a balance in these new joys and my old indulgences. As my body adjusts to achy arms and the absence of sleep, I learn to let go of my past and focus on the bright new changes in our future.  I trade in “me and my” to make room for “us and we.”
Dear sweet Kasen,
I love you and I am glad you are healthy and in my arms- but please, hurry and sleep through the night! 

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