Photographic Journey 2018

This year I decided to add one more challenge to our life by adding a daily photo journey to document it. I am one of many photographers who will share this Journey together and find the meaning of life... Lol! But really, my hope is to grow and see things in a different light all while expanding my knowledge of photography at a deeper level. I hope to share this journey here and I hope you come back from time to time to see where the days have taken me. The assignment for each day gets me thinking throughout the entire day and everything I touch, I want to photograph! This post includes day 1-3 and includes more than one interpretation for each assignment. My actual group only allows for one image per day/per prompt so posting here allows me to share all the other thoughts that didn't make it!

 Thank you for stopping by and thank you for always supporting me and my wild adventures!

January 1, 2018
My Name: Me, Leyla 

January 2nd, 2018

January 3rd, 2018

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