Week One of the Photo Journey

Picking up the camera every single day and surrounding myself with a talented group of photographers has been inspiring. I love what I do and I love to capture other's memories and moments. But in the past few years, my love for capturing my own life and my kid's memories has declined. My love for photography has shifted as I feel busy and tied down to editing my work. The thought of editing one more memory has been overwhelming. This week allowed me to photograph life just for me and to capture my little moments as they unfold. As I dive full force into a work week next week, I hope to manage both client work and my personal work. I hope to merge the two as the year unfolds. Stick around as this photographic journey unveils! 
Thanks for stopping by friends. 

January 4th: White

January 5th: Surface

January 6: Potato

January 7: Free

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