Times are slow and quiet over at the Kuhn household- and I like it! So this next boring post is an effort to facilitate anyone in the bedding purchasing process. This may seem like an easy task- and it might be for the average mind, but my brain cells work differently. What should have taken a day to research and purchase, actually took four, eight hour days. Yes, this is how my summer began: online research for the best deals in sleeping comfort. But now, I lay in soft supple sheets and I am glad I spent the time.

                            Here is our sad bed before:                                    And here it is now!

I found this hypoallergenic duvet on amazon. A great deal and it is very supple and luxurious.

The duvet cover came from bed bath and beyond. Since the dog sleeps with us, I wanted something she wouldn't trash in a day.

Finally the sheets also came from amazon. They make getting out of bed tough. They are soft and yummy!

Mmm... my bed is calling. Until next time!

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