Boxing 101: The Other Sweaty Workout!

In an attempt to challenge our bodies this summer, a friend and I have decided to give boxing a whirl.
Apparently, the Bikram heat, and the boiling summer temperatures aren't enough for us, so we signed up for sweaty boxing classes with no air conditioning. Our mean/tough faces were on, the sneakers were tied, and we headed to Lord's Gym, an old school sweaty boxing studio off Burnet Rd. 
We arrived ready to rock, and without a doubt we started sweating our tails off! It was an interesting experience nonetheless. The owner- Richard Lord, is an endearing, super fit and legitimate old school boxing trainer. The staff was extremely welcoming and effortlessly helped the two girly girls feel comfortable in the boxing ring. We did not kick ass our first class, but we are headed back tonight and ready to punch someone in the face... I hope I don't brake a nail!

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