Camping In Port Aransas: A Survival Story!

Of course I survived camping- and I only complained a little. At least that's my story and I am sticking to it! No matter how far the bathrooms were, I couldn't really be angry since the sweet soundtrack of my weekend was the melody of crashing ocean waves.  How could I be upset when the first images witnessed were a panoramic sunset and a double rainbow! "What does this mean?"

I gave a valiant effort at picking up trash, and the Surfrider Central Texas Chapter team picked up over 500 pounds of trash from the beach! All beach lovers should help keep it clean.

Being covered in sand all weekend was a bit nostalgic. I got a little taste of Cali in my very own state. The sand particles definitely exfoliated my skin, and my dog Sadie was the happiest puppy on the beach! Yea for sunshine, salty water, and beach life! I Can't hardly wait to hit up the beaches of Mexico next.
36 hours and counting... better stock up on the sunblock!

Hasta Luego!

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