Mexican Vacation: Nuevo Vallarta & Sayulita Mexico

Not gonna lie, it was kinda amazing being disconnected from the world, internet, blogs, twitter, facebook and all electronic forms of communication. I even missed the death of Amy Winehouse- wowsers! Our Mexican gateway was absolutely amazing! We were lucky to have the opportunity to visit such a beautiful place and witness the welcoming and happy energy from the locals.  Most of all, I realized how important the simple things in life are and how much beauty surrounds us. The culture, vibrant energy, and beautiful scenery of Nuevo Vallarta and Sayulita beach is amazing. We enjoyed fantastic amenities and crazy adventures we will remember for the rest of our lives!

Side note: There were a few paranoid and safety feelings rolling around, SO these images were not captured by me professionally. Most were taken by the hubby and some by me. All images belong to  Kuhn Photograpy. Gracias!

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