Were Going Camping! Wait- No Private Bathrooms?

I love the outdoors more than you could imagine. I love sandy beaches, the sun, and ocean waves. I am a nature girl all the way- but as much as I love to sweat in natures beauty- I need clean clothes, a private shower, a clean flushing toilet... Oh Snap! I don't know why I agreed to go camping on the beach this weekend?!

I envision myself miserable and sweating under a tent...

But, If I've learned anything in this life is to think positive and visualize the things you want in your future. So, as we head to Port Aransas for another round of Beach Clean Up this weekend, I visualize serenity and peace. Something resembling this:
What? Is this too much pink and glassware for camping?

Ok, Maybe this is a better visualization: A nice rug, colorful decor, fresh flowers

All joking aside, I am excited for doing my part in helping to clean the environment once again. The Surfrider foundation Central Texas Chapter has organized another trip and beach clean-up in Port Aransas. I am not, however- excited for the lack of air conditioning, clean flooring, or private bathrooms! Just think positive and visualize beauty... Port A here we come!
Wish me luck! I am sure everything will be amazing and I'll grow my camping wings, or something.
At least at the end of the tunnel there will be an all inclusive resort waiting for me as we pack our bags and head to Mexico next week! Ay yay yay!

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