The Maxi Dress

This style of dresses has been around for centuries but I've only added two dresses to my collection. It seems like every time I am beach-bound I start lusting for a long comfy dress.  Before leaving to Jamaica two years ago I picked up my first Maxi dress by Ella Moss. I am always hesitant to wear long dresses because they are not too flattering for my figure, but I had vacation fever again and purchased another long dress. I stopped by Blue Elephant boutique and rummaged through their wide selection of Maxi dresses. I love the selection of clothing in this boutique and absolute adore the way it smells as they also carry candles, perfumes and beauty supplies. Peep them and give into your inner hippie by wearing the Maxi.
                     Ella Moss Purple dress                                         Black Strapless from Blue Elephant

P.S. No hating on my model pose. I have never desired to be one nor will I ever be!

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