60 Day Bikram Challenge

My history with Bikram yoga has been"flaky." I Practice for a few months. We Breakup. Then I am crawling back. 2011 will be the year I commit myself to 60 days of a love-hate relationship.  This means: 60 days in a row; One day after another; Without a break... Ay ya yay!

Yoga Groove has been adamantly promoting this "city wide challenge" and everyday, as I lay in Savasana- hot, boiling, and sweaty- I contemplate the idea of committing myself for 60 days in a row. Could I actually summon up the energy and practice everyday? Yes. Yes, I can! Maybe, its too soon to be so excited. Today is DAY 1. Only 59 more days to go... If I don't die mid Trikanasana (Triangle Pose,) I will log my venture and hopefully discover a new determination within each sweaty day.

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