DIY Hand Made Vases

For my wedding I made these vintage inspired vases. They currently add a personalized detail to everyday life and brighten up every room of the house! It encourages me to keep fresh flowers around and they were so easy to make. That's right ladies and gents, "She's Crafty!"

Materials required:
-Any glass vase (I got mine at hobby lobby for $3 each.)
-Old Magazines, sheet music, vintage paper or ads  (I googled vintage fashion ads and printed them creamy rustic paper.) You could even use family pictures or your own pictures if you print them on paper that will bend easily. 
-Matte Modge Podge 
-Medium sized paint brush

1. Begin by cutting or tearing the paper into small pieces. If you like particular details make sure not to cut those images or words.
2. Dip your brush into modge podge and paint the pieces of paper onto the vase in the desired areas. 
3. Continue until entire vase is covered with your design.
4. The glue will eventually dry clear. 
5. You will need smaller pieces for the curvier surfaces and more pressure with glue and brush. 
6. Let dry for 30 minutes and you have a beautiful and original vase!
7. I added wraphia and yellow ribbon for a special touch.

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