Bikram Chalenge: Day 23-26

This week has been exhausting. My joints hurt and my lower back is extremely sore. I am convinced these are the days when it starts to get tough- to say the least!

Day 23 & 24:
Still tired from my birthday weekend. I am 29 now, I need more time to rest! You'd think I'd be used to the extreme heat by now. I am convinced the room was at least 109 degrees. I swear it was way hotter than usual. I absolutely hate the room, the teacher, my towel, and everyone around me when its so hot!

Day 25: I cried. Yes, I literally shed tears during Savasana. I cried like a baby and sweated like a pig. I am officially exhausted; Mentally and physically.

Day 26: I was not about to push myself after my tearful session. Deep breaths were my friend. I survived.

Lesson Learned: I am tired and old!

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