Birthday Fiesta

Its true what they say: The older you get, the harder the birthdays. My youth is flying by and soon I'll be grey, grumpy, and cold (tear.) I am already freezing all the time, so the other two should be taking over  soon. A friend's mom did give me the best advice: Be 29 for the next 10 years! Lets give this idea a spin- Or maybe, I'll stop counting next year and forever be 30! I mean, I don't look a day over 27- right?

It was really nice to celebrate my birthday on a Saturday. It never seems to land on weekend anymore, so this birthday was extra special. It was also the first birthday I devoted myself to 90 minutes of workout time. My Bikram challenge continued, even on my birthday- and it felt great. The sun was out. I shopped till I dropped. Pinned the tail on the donkey. Received great gifts. Ate cake. Wore a mustache and danced the night away!

Thank you to my family and friends for making the getting older situation a happy time. The entire evening was enhanced by my wonderfully patient husband, Matt. ( You can see his creative side or his soft side here.) He spoils me and I love it! Thanks boo bear
This year is gonna be a good one. Cheers!


Best gift was my new wide angle lens. Can't wait to take that baby out for a spin.

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