Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Its only day 3 and I am gonna vent. Not because I am exhausted from the heated yoga; I am beginning to think logging and posting the entire 60 days might be a bit tedious. An additional challenge has been created: I have to somehow pull more wit, insight, and sass out of my writing to keep me interested.  This is really going to be a challenge! Until I find that inner punch- I'll continue describing the amazing yet agonizing feeling I am unleashing. 

Class was not bad today. Teacher (Katie) was energetic and I absolutely loved how triangle pose was not dragged on FOREVER! My most challenging poses have become Utkatasana (Awkward Pose) and Garurasana (Eagle Pose.)  My thighs burned like hot sausages after the first set! It was a true mental struggle holding the entire pose. Another session was survived. Thank you body for hanging on.

Lesson learned: Thighs gotta give more.

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