Challenge: Day 6-9 "Yoga Girl"

Happy to report that I've completed 9 days in a row. Yea! Usually, I take one or two days off during the week, but now my joints and muscles are more receptive. I am able to push through the flexible postures. My legs still shake every day- but mentally, I am stronger.

Day 6 & 7: Battling the worst cedar allergy attack ever experienced in my life. Eyes are itching so intensely, I desperately want to pull them out my sockets. The sneezing and blowing of the nose is unbearable. The only time I am free of allergies has been during the 90 minutes of yoga. For this, I thank you Bikram. If only for 90 minutes, I could breathe.

Day 8 & 9: Allergies have evolved into serious sinus pressure and a congested cough. I apologize to the people next to my mat, as I coughed and blew my nose throughout class. How embarrassing and annoying! But I can't stop. Gotta keep going.

Lessons Learned:
Heat = breathing during allergies.
If your gonna cough it out. Set up camp next to the wall.

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