Bikram Challenge: Day 15-22

I have not missed a single day! Yes, I am tooting my own horn- toot, toot! I've made it to class hungover, tired, sick, congested, coughing, you name it. It's become my personal little addiction; I guess its the best addiction one could have. The biggest struggle now is trying to keep enough bikram clothes clean. For some reason, I can't seem to get my towels to smell super clean anymore! That's kinda disgusting, right? I know, I think I need to soak them in some kind of an oil, or something. I can't handle it much longer.  I sweat so much my clothes are dripping wet. I am so gross! Next option is just to buy new towels or start to rent them from yoga groove. They have a laundry service I am seriously considering.
These are my biggest challenges these days, not the actual torture of the heated hell room!

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